oriental flowerbed

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I finally finished it. Such a simple pattern that ended up not so simple to do. What advice would you give someone starting this project? If you are doing a stack and wack pattern really think about the fabrics and if they combine well. Maybe I am too matchy but some of the combinations just did not work for me. I have enough of the reject blocks to do another quilt.

What you will need

  • primarily oriental style prints with some odd bits thrown in.

Q&A with mimis quilts

Karen Louise asked:
Oriental fabrics are beautiful, but I have very little in my stash simply because I had to stop at some point. Your quilt looks so fresh and pretty; I may just have to rethink my stash or sew faster so I will have room for orientals as well. (take over yet another room of our home?? Nah, I pretty much use the whole house as it is.) I don't see any blocks I would have rejected. You did a nice job of putting them together. If it helps, I change my mind all the time. It has been my experience that if you are working with only a few fabrics/colors, they need to go together and compliment each other. However, if you are working with many different fabrics and colors, you can incorporate most anything as long as you keep an eye out for balance or colors, scale and tone. Nice job! Now the really fun part--the quilting.
mimis quilts answered:
Thanks. I know the theory of many different fabrics which was what the pattern called for however, the orientals seemed to be too strong in design to just mix and match. this is where I need a teacher of someone to advise me. Thanks for your support. I am pleased with the result now that I have put it aside for awhile.
Shredda77 asked:
Love, love, love how you combined all the purples and patterns and colors actually!
mimis quilts answered:
Surfside6 asked:
What a talent you are! Beautiful styles and colors. Make me happy to look at
mimis quilts answered:
Thank you so much.