Created by: Lesley Wood

One down 19 to go!

You Can Make This

Lesley Wood made One down 19 to go! with:

Free Motion Quilting a Sampler

Online Class

Free Motion Quilting a Sampler

with Leah Day

  • Various cottons from my stash

Q&A with Lesley Wood

klh asked:
looking great!
Lesley Wood answered:
Thanks, decided I didn't have time to practice so just getting on with it! May not do Leahs designs as I feel it may feel too quilted for a snuggly sofa quilt
klh asked:
that's one of the nice things about these classes you make your quilt however it suits you & each one's unique
Lesley Wood answered:
I love them all.....
Sally Jo asked:
I too feel I won't be doing every block as Leah did. We do have to make them our own you know. I do like all of her designs however. She is quite the talented lady.
Lesley Wood answered:
I agree she is very talented and my machine works much better with the feed dogs up, so already I have learnt much from her. I think I am going to mix her designs up and space them out a bit more. Will post more when I get a bit more done!
KeencraftaKaren asked:
Very nice Lesley, I'm beginning to wish I'd gone with the quilt as you go method but I'm not unpicking it all now, it's all a learning curve, hope my attempts at quilting are as nice as your example, lovely.
Lesley Wood answered:
Thanks for your kind words. I have actually done another block, but that was before I bought Leahs class and I did it with the walking foot. I also didn't add the 2 1/2 inch strip around the outside so I have it to unpick I think. I don't have enough room to sew the quilt top together first and I think it may be much more difficult to negotiate without the supreme slider and quilting gloves, neither of which I possess
Pamillia asked:
WOW! very nicely done. Thank you for sharing. :-)
Lesley Wood answered: