Created by: Cornwoman

Oh My Heavens

You Can Make This

Cornwoman made Oh My Heavens with:

Linear Landscape Quilts

Online Class

Linear Landscape Quilts

with Gloria Loughman

  • Hand painted fabric for sky and water
  • plus batiks

Q&A with Cornwoman

Gloria Loughman asked:
This is absolutely stunning. Wonderful colour choices. Congratulations!
Cornwoman answered:
Thank you very much! That means a great deal to me!
pauline353982 asked:
stunning colour choices.
Cornwoman answered:
Becky C asked:
Absolutely love the colors you chose. I was questioning my off the wall fabric choices for my class project, but after seeing yours and how great it turned out, I think mine will be fine! Thanks for the inspiration!
Cornwoman answered:
Thanks! My color choices were very carefully chosen, as I wanted to capture the essence of our gorgeous Arizona sunsets. I will look forward to seeing the fabric choices that you made.
Sue Freebern asked:
Cornwoman answered:
Thank you very much!
lynn.brug849201 asked:
wow I love the colors in this one......I will be checking my stash to see if I can do something with similar colors!
Cornwoman answered:
It took me a long time to choose my color pallette for this quilt. I pulled out every fabric in my stash that was even remotely a color that might be found in such a scene and tried to determine which type of color scheme (analgous, complementary, etc). until I found the ones that I liked the best. Other than the sky and water fabrics that I painted, I had every one of the fabrics in my stash and didn't need to purchase anything.