October BOM 01

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? Since the instructions didn't have the right size (every part of the block should measure 6,5 inch, but it was larger), I scaled it in Photoshop to the right size. The block has now the right size, unfinished 12,5 inch ;)

Q&A with sylfel

Sally Jo asked:
okay - it looks like you have solved a problem a lot of us are having. Your points will not be cut off on the four straight sides when sewing to another piece. How did you do that? All of our points on the straight sides go right to the edge.
sylfel answered:
I try to explain what I've done. I opened the page with the red template in Photoshop, scaled it to 97% and printed it. Then the to short sides measured 6,5 inch, this is the right size. I tried the same with the blue template, but it was a bit distorted. So I copied the red template, flipped it, printed it and draw a line by hand. Then it was okay :) You can also draw a new template, using inch paper...