October Block of the Month

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That I am FINISHED! Yeah!!!!! And didn't give up! What advice would you give someone starting this project? The Circle of Geese Block has come out too small. I am disappointed as this is my last block and it is the only one that did not measure up to 12.5" :( My advice... you need to sew this one with a very scant 1/4" seam. I am not going to rip it out as I have done enought ripping out on these two blocks to last me a lifetime... I will just have to add a little border to this one. Another piece of advice... sew these blocks up when you have no one to distract you as you need to keep your mind on what fabric goes next.

What you will need

  • Cotton Fabric and seam ripper!

Q&A with desna

mpac5000 asked:
Desna, your blocks are so soft and gentle looking. You did a great job. I did the recognize the circle of geese block. Using the contracting color in the center changes the whole look of the block.
desna answered:
Thanks mpac5000, I am very glad to have them completed, I had been putting these ones off and I now know why! I love how the circle of geese one turned out.
Di4N4 asked:
Congratulations Desna! Your blocks look great! Don't worry about the size... you will probably be adding a sashing, so you can make up the difference with that. You are right about "no distractions" with these blocks, Lol! I remember how I struggled with them!... You have done well!!! :)
desna answered:
Thanks Di, Its annoying when one is wrong size but hopfully when sashed it wont be too noticable. Gosh, now I have just realised I have to go pick fabric for the next part! I was so pleased with finishing but I really havn't haha!
Pam NZ asked:
Jolly well done Desna... these are both just beeeeautiful! Love how you've done your circle of geese. Isn't it just amazing how the placement of the fabric can completely change a block!
desna answered:
Thanks Pam, do you realise it was you who gave me the final push? You were wondering was I putting off finishing the 2012 BOM and I know I was. So thanks for the little 'push' Pam :)
NanaJeanFL asked:
Congratulations Desna! I think I know how you feel - glad to finish all 20 - and glad to be done with these last two!! I struggled a lot as well. Odd how the prettiest results seem to come from the hardest blocks eh? Anyhoo - they're beautiful and well worth the wait. Can't wait to see your 2013!
desna answered:
Thanks Jean, Yes the prettiest blocks were defintely the most tedious and time consuming, but worth the effort. Now 2013 BOM here I come:)
Darns asked:
Woo-Hoo! Done! Done! Done! Feels good - yes? The colors are so pretty. Now you get to the fun of deciding about the sashing, quilt as you go or assemble the whole top, what to quilt, etc. And you thought you were done?? LOL See you in the 2013 BOM class - -
desna answered:
I know its great to have finished the blocks but then it really is only starting another stage.... I have to choices for the sashing and border so will have to lay them all out and see what looks best, decisions, decisions, decisions... :)

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