Not So Mother's Day Present is Finished!

What you will need

  • Batik fat quarter
  • yarns
  • embroidery threads
  • lots and lots of patience and mental pep talks!

Q&A with Beadywoman

MagathaBagatha asked:
It's beautiful! What a fabulous present for your Mom.
Beadywoman answered:
Thank you!
tdgquilter@yahoo.com asked:
I found your message. I am sure mom will too. Your quilt is beautiful. Your hand embroidery stitching is totally awesome. Love your couching materials.
Beadywoman answered:
Thanks for your kind comments!
Damsel asked:
Beadywoman answered:
Thank you!
Carol Ann Waugh asked:
I rate this a 5 -- it's beautiful and I love how you added text on your piece. A first in my class!
Beadywoman answered:
Oh wow! Thank you so much!

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