Non-block quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am very proud of the fact that I hung in there and got creative in order to finish this project. Also my husband helped immensely. First, when I made a mistake and ironed the fusible in the wrong place, he searched online and told me to put aluminum foil over the web and iron again -- it worked miraculously well to pull up all of the misplaced fusible webbing. And he made me an ironing "board" -- a board covered in towels and twill, that I could put under the top to ironing on all of those strips. And my iron is on a rolling cart that I could drag from one side of this 84" x 112" quilt as I went along. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Try the technique on a baby quilt first!

What you will need

  • cottons to make 2 tops
  • and then batting with a sheet for the backing.

Q&A with SiValEngr

Davesmom asked:
I love the color and design of your quilt. Although I would never have what it take to make one like it. Beautiful quilt. Congratulation on finishing the quilt!!
SiValEngr answered:
I was trying to keep the spirit of generosity that made me want to gift a quilt in the first place.
Surfside6 asked:
Beautiful colors.....and so different. Don't think I'm quite ready to tackle, but can appreciate your work.
SiValEngr answered:
Thank you!
Weeks Ringle asked:
That's why we suggest maquettes before you launch into the final project. I'm glad you're happy with the final result though.
SiValEngr answered:
I forgot to mention that I was in the middle of making this quilt when I first heard of this class. I was watching these sessions while I worked on it and whe you got to non-block quilts, I was very excited. I had never heard of them before that.

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