Created by: LuAnn

Nine Patch Quilt

You Can Make This

LuAnn made Nine Patch Quilt with:

  • Cotton fabric

Q&A with LuAnn

MarianneG asked:
LuAnn answered:
momcaso asked:
wonderful pattern and so easy but looks great from a distance.
LuAnn answered:
Thank you!
verloove asked:
Very Stunning.
LuAnn answered:
Thank you for the compliment!
HomeEdMom23 asked:
I've been looking for a quilt idea for my son. My mom bought a lot of solid blue fabric for me to use, but I want to put some print with it. I think I could do something like this and use the solid blue in it. The quilt looks beautiful by the way. I think the pattern would work great for a boy with some tweaking of the fabrics used. Thanks for the inspiration.
LuAnn answered:
You are welcome and thanks to you too for the wonderful comments. I hope your quilt turns out well. Post a picture!

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Get your first class for only $14.99