Created by: Bev Crouse

Nine Patch Nebula

You Can Make This

Bev Crouse made Nine Patch Nebula with:

Stitch & Slash

Online Class

Stitch & Slash

with Carol Ann Waugh

Q&A with Bev Crouse

Carol Ann Waugh asked:
Wonderful piece. I love how those four fabrics melded together! Good choices!
Bev Crouse answered:
Thanks Carol Ann. I really just pulled some fabrics from my stash and they worked beautifully. I love your class and the fact you are there whenever I sign in! Now how can I get you to vacuum??:-)
Neraddan asked:
Love your color choices (I'm a sucker for purples and greens). And your added embellishments really bring this piece to life. Great name too!
Bev Crouse answered:
Thanks for your feedback. I love the colours too. Have you taken Carol Ann Waugh,s class?
Deemeegee asked:
Such a fun piece
Bev Crouse answered:
Thanks. It was fun to make!
karenmora1656382 asked:
it is a nice piece of work how long did it take to do
Bev Crouse answered:
I made this one last year. A great class and I made it in 2 days. It was a fun class and definitely outside the proverbial box. Great instructor too :-)