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Project Description

What are you most proud of? That I have 2 beautiful tops. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Not sure what advice I can give. I am posting this to get advice. I am wondering how I should quilt these small wallhangings. The fabric blocks have a muslin backing. Should I quilt them without a batting? How should I quilt it? Stipple or other background quilting in the background of the flowers and sashing blocks? Outline quilt? Echo quilt? Just stitch in the ditch? They have sat all this time (more than 5 years I believe) because I guess I did not know how I should finish them. Can anyone help? I love the top as is and don't want any quilting to take away from what I already have. I guess it is good that I have 2, then if I don't like what I have done with 1 I can do the other one differently.

What you will need

  • Hand dyed fabric
  • muslin.

Q&A with Sandra in CA

Pieceful1 asked:
Sandra, this is beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished product!
Sandra in CA answered:
Me too, now if I can get my other project finished and find the time for these.
A.A. asked:
I think you just want to stitch in the ditch around the straight "lead" lines. If you're using batting, look for one that's well felted and can cope with large unquilted spaces. Although for wallhangings, it probably is ok whatever you can find, since they won't get a lot or wear or washing.
Sandra in CA answered:
Thanks, I think that will really help the lead lines stand out, I didn't want to quilt on the lines since they were already so thick. I think I will do some echoing in the open spaces.
TWurpel asked:
Suggestion, I would use a piece of white flannel instead of batting. Your right about the quilting the piece is beautiful and simple stitch in the ditch framing each panel. Love your work.
Sandra in CA answered:
Thanks, I will probably use a light batting since I already have some.
cloutier.412188 asked:
Mount on gallery wrapped canvas-this way it will look like art on you wall They look beaytiful and bright and on a white wall-what a punch of color!
Sandra in CA answered:
That is a different idea. I might try that on another one.
Pamela Boatright asked:
I would put a light batting in and stitch in the ditch. Then if you want you could do some echo quilting in the background, and just add some texture in the sashing blocks. I just finished quilting a Christmas stained glass quilt, I'll see if I can find my pictures and put it up for you to see!
Sandra in CA answered:
Thanks for posting your quilt, really helped me see that quilting could enhance it.

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