Naturally Illini

What you will need

  • Fabrics from my stash(collection). The only fabric I purchased was the background.

Q&A with Grandma-Virg

innerwave asked:
Wow - that looks nice! Quiet inspirational to me! Another Quilt, where you can see so many different forms in - that's what I love ... Thanks a lot for sharing. Is that paper pieced and what kind of pattern did you use?
Grandma-Virg answered:
I. An't remember the patter name to where I got it. I 'M sure it was free, most patterns I use are. It was cut with templates.
innerwave asked:
Thanks for your very fast answer ... Maybe I find it somewhere.
Grandma-Virg answered:
I looked up my pattern. It was called Kaleidoscope with instructions by Cynthia Muir. At the time I posted it on Facebook pages, quilters said there were several names for the pattern and that it was not a 'new' one.