Mystic Nights

Project Description

What are you most proud of? We use this quilt every day.

Q&A with PeggyH

Ann Petersen asked:
I'm so glad you attempted it, finished it and use it! That's the best!! Love, love the quilt!
PeggyH answered:
Thank you.
Denise S asked:
Beautiful bargello. Impressive piecing.
PeggyH answered:
Thank you. It has almost 10,000 pieces.
heyhelllo21520713 asked:
Wow that looks way hard!!
PeggyH answered:
It was very hard and time consuming, but worth it.
flowdar asked:
I absolutely LOVE this design - I so want to make it! Some day, I will get the pattern and make the attempt! You did a gorgeous job!!
PeggyH answered:
Thanks. You made my day!
Gladys2012 asked:
Wonderful! Congrats!
PeggyH answered:
Thank you!