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My VERY first try at sewing and quilting

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kelleywil2607303 made My VERY first try at sewing and quilting with:

Piece, Patch, Quilt: Basic Quiltmaking Skills

Online Class

Piece, Patch, Quilt: Basic Quiltmaking Skills

with Gail Kessler

  • Cotton
  • 3 darks
  • 3 lights

Q&A with kelleywil2607303

findingpeace asked:
So tell me is this really your first attempt at sewing and quilting - the reason I ask is that I am about to embark on that same adventure...I got a sewing machine for Christmas and I want to learn to quilt first. Any advice?!?!?!
kelleywil2607303 answered:
It truly is my VERY 1st attempt. I loved the piece, patch quilt: basic quiltmaking skills. THAT was the 1st thing I looked at. Then I went into my local fabric store, not knowing WHAT i wanted to do, and she showed me a book on Log Cabin quilting and I picked a pattern and size out of the book, she showed me how to read what I needed and viola! It's not easy, I'm not a patient person either it's been a learning exp. for me. But RESEARCH...get books, look at different sites and take these online classes, they REALLY help! You'll have so much fun! I'm JUST finishing that quilt today, when I get it complete I'll post the pic, I also have oven mitts and pot holders already cut, just waiting on the Insul-brite to be delivered. ( had some GREAT prices) another great site. Just SO much out there....and now, I'm hooked, so get ready to have a new fun addiction! I'm also signing up for classes locally. Good luck and HAVE FUN!
shadow8432004047 asked:
Beautiful! Love the colors and the wonderful use of lights and darks
kelleywil2607303 answered:
Thank you Shadow! I was SO nervous doing this but love it. Love that feeling of accomplishment when you finish something lol.