My first try at FMQ

Project Description

What are you most proud of? This is my first FMQ project, and I really like it! :) I started with small fabric scraps of all sizes and forms, just to get the hang of it. Also, having everything at the same level is crucial. I don't have a table on which my machine can "sit" at a lower level than the table itself, so I took a bunch of big, fat books and set them around the machine, hehehe... It helped a lot!! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't give up! It looks very complicated and might feel overwhelming at first, but if you start small, it's easier to get the hang of it.

What you will need

  • The runner is made with cotton fabric. The thread is Isacord.

Q&A with Yiya Cucuy

Pat Sloan asked:
great job!
Yiya Cucuy answered:
Thanks Pat! :)
Connie Marie asked:
that looks great. I hope I get that good.
Yiya Cucuy answered:
Oh my! Thanks Connie, you're making me blush! :)
I used this same fabric for a baby quilt its beautiful.
Yiya Cucuy answered:
Yes, it's a beautiful combination. I'd love to see your quilt :)
Denise S asked:
Wow. This is great work for your first FMQ.
Yiya Cucuy answered:
Thank you Denise :)
Davesmom asked:
I love the colors you have chosen and your free motioning looks great. Lots of work. I have been having trouble getting into FMQ have bought a few classes but still have no confidence. Maybe small is the way to go.
Yiya Cucuy answered:
Thanks Davesmom :) And yes, just try it in a smaller scale first; at least that helped me bunches!

Skill Level