My first free form feather

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Of course I am very proud, because it is my first free form feather quilt. Still have a little problem with it, but I love this small quilt. I talked with Cindy about the problem, on the Designe it Quilt it chat. And my next quilts will be nicer, and nicer when I do more practise. I think we have to love all quilts what we do, because when we make one we learn very much. What advice would you give someone starting this project? You follow Cindy instructions, and not affraid try out to do these patterns. Cindy has a big experience what she share with us. So if we follow her instructions we can to be better and better quilter from day to day. Before you start to sew the feathers, you draw some on paper, that your brain learn to do this form. I did drowing some . Of course my first not was nice , but I did drawing nicer, and nicer free form feather, still had have been this pattern what you see on my quilt. To do sew these very fun, very relax.

What you will need

  • Cotton/ polyester fabric
  • one side is shiny of it
  • 60 weight cotton thread on the top
  • 40 weight polyester thread on the bottom
  • 80
  • needle

Q&A with Anna Csurke

Jennifer Thomas asked:
Sublime! I love it!
Anna Csurke answered:
Thank you so much.
Deb Cavanaugh asked:
First freeform feathers, wow. Lovely. Beautiful flow, lovely shapes, just lovely.
Anna Csurke answered:
Thank you so much
GrammyJeanne asked:
You should be very proud of your accomplishment! I hope I can do that soon myself.
Anna Csurke answered:
Jeanne, I am sure you can do it, just you try.
messyrose asked:
Your work is magnificent.
Anna Csurke answered:
Thank you so much, Messyrose.
QuiltDude asked:
Your free motion quilting is beautiful, Anna! Your feathers are so much nicer than mine. You can stop "practicing" now, and just start "quilting" because this piece looks absolutely wonderful. So much detail, and patience!
Anna Csurke answered:
Thank you so much, Dude. I always try to do the perfect quilt, sometimes is succes, sometimes is no. But you say now it is good. I am happy.

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