Created by: Lesley Wood

My first completed lap quilt

You Can Make This

Lesley Wood made My first completed lap quilt with:

Scrap Quilting

Online Class

Scrap Quilting

with Pepper Cory

  • Cottons and cotton /polyester blends from my stash for the front. Pink fleece for the backing (also from my stash!) and quite a deep wadding I bought for some reason a few years ago ;-)

Q&A with Lesley Wood

Pamillia asked:
This is really cute & I like the hearts. Thanks for sharing.
Lesley Wood answered:
thank you, I can't beleive how addictive patchwork is! My mind won't stop thinking about what I can make next lol x
Pamillia asked:
Well, it looks like you have joined our club. We all think this is the best thing since sliced bread. The only thing we haven't been able to find is more time to make all we want to make. Have fun & again, Thanks for sharing.
Lesley Wood answered:
Thank you and I am having fun. I have dabbled with knitting, crochet, stencilling and many more things but I have never been hooked like this! x
cave lady asked:
You have done a great job. I hope that you enjoy using your quilt.
Lesley Wood answered:
it's nice and warm on the legs when the house is a bit cold but you don't want to light the fire. It is unseasonly cold in Britaiin at the moment ! x
scol409 asked:
I love it!
Lesley Wood answered:
Thanks x asked:
I like. I am a heart person so this is right up my alley. Thanks for sharing.
Lesley Wood answered:
thanks, I am really pleased with it.