My first batik

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Producing a Batik which is something I thought I was not capable of. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Remember to keep an eye on your hot wax, especially if using paraffin as this is highly volatile once it has reachied smoke point. A Tjanting tool can be challenging but don't let that stop you from having some serious fun!

What you will need

  • 100% Cotton
  • fabric dye
  • fixing agent

Q&A with JustKerry

malka dubrawsky asked:
Congratulations on your first project! It looks great.
JustKerry answered:
thank you
Ilsa7337 asked:
This looks like it would be great to try! I can imagine making different batik patterns in vibrant colors and then quilting with them or making who knows what? Out of very cool fabrics with crazy design and bright colors!! Excited!!
JustKerry answered:
go ahead quilt your day ;)
Ilsa7337 asked:
And I have a huge amount of muslin to work with!!!!
JustKerry answered:
Enjoy! I know I did :D
4bird2 asked:
This is extraordinary, I love it. What do you plan to make with this beautiful fabric now?
JustKerry answered:
Thank you. Perhaps it will be used in a quilt and maybe I'll frame it with some attic windows so as not to lose the design.
jnstar asked:
what is a Jhanting tool
JustKerry answered:
A Tjanting too is used to create a design on fabric, traditionally cotton or silk but not limited to, by applying hot wax. It takes only a little time to get used to the tool because you have to make sure the wax is kept hot enough to ensure the wax pours like liquid. You can purchase tjanting tools over the Internet but do your homework. Look for artists that use this tool in batik designs. It is a load of fun so I hope you do to!

Skill Level