My First Art Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That I jumped in and actually started it! Now that I've begun, it may be hard to control the ideas! LOL

Q&A with Beadywoman

Northwoods Pat asked:
Love the concept behind this! It is SO true!! I look forward to seeing what you add to the sides to illustrate the creativity vs the rational & dutifully organized. I saw the flowerpot/skates one also ... but don't know now who did that. Do you still have the link?
Beadywoman answered:
Hi, Northwoods Pat, Thanks for the comments! I was kinda worried because the piece I'm working on is really weird, but it's fun! I think that I clicked "follow" for the flowerpot. Check my profile - her name was art something. Sorry to be so vague - quilt-induced migraine this morning. lol!
HelenEliz asked:
Wonderful! Great concept.
Beadywoman answered:
Thank you! I'm fearful that it's a going to wind up being a little too out there but I'm having fun!
Artmomma asked:
I feel blessed that my fun self portrait has inspired you! The process of creating is what is important in our lives. Remember the fifteen minute rule - if you can't spend hours you can take fifteen minutes to focus on your art. Keep a little sketch book handy to jot down images or ideas. Let them flow without judgement. Be fearless and have fun!
Beadywoman answered:
That's a really good idea! I've heard it before, but have never put it into practice - will try to remember to do so from now on. BTW - I really DO love your self portrait!