My Cowgirl Purse...

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What are you most proud of? Just having fun doing it! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Go for it!!!

What you will need

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Q&A with Melinda Kitty

dencopela1297312 asked:
Melinda, Did you read about the man who rode his horse into a bar and lassoed a customer? I believe it happened today. He was arrested. It looks like the gal on your purse could easily ride into a bar and lasso a customer and would simply receive complements on her skillfulness...Your bag is amazing. This is my favorite class, too. I haven't stopped making bags either - just one more binding to sew on and I will be done with that one, and I've cut out the next one and have already started piecing it. The only thing I enjoy more than making them is using them. I know you will have fun with yours!
Melinda Kitty answered:
I think I have a purse fetish!!! I can't stop making them so much fun!
CA asked:
Lovely project. I can't wait to make more. I will theme them, also. I can't decide if my next one will be a Christmas one or an autumn one.
Melinda Kitty answered:
Make both,

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