My BOM for Jan-March

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That thigs are actually lining up really well. I have had only a handful of spots where seams aren't lining up exactly - but AWFULLY CLOSE. Lol. I really love the blue against my pattern pieces. I wished I had one more printed fabric, so I grabbed a favorite from my personal stash (green with stripes). I lucked out because the stripes are the same blue as my background fabric. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Go for it. Lol. Sounds cliche and silly, but true. My mom tried to teach me to quilt 10 years ago. I was not really successful and I wasn't happy with the process and how it turned out. I've always admired quilted projects. My Aunt Mary Jane is an AMAZING quilter (she's been at it for more than 30 years). I've admired everything she's done. After watching everyone else doing it, I started gathering the materials needed and finally started it myself. I'm still frustrated though. While my seams are lining up (thanks to me being OCD about precision), my final block sizes tend to be smaller than 12.5 inches or end up looking like a parallelogram. I've even been doing the scant 1/4" seam religiously and very careful not to stretch the fabric while sewing/ironing -- it's barely made a difference. Comes better with experience I'm sure... Instead of doing every one of them over again, I'm thinking I may be able to square them up to 12" square blocks and try to compensate for the loss doing final construction. I don't know. Very frustrated.

What you will need

  • Cotton print and a solid cotton fabric

Q&A with Skey

Ladybev asked:
I really like your bright blue! These blocks will make a dynamic quilt, for sure. About the fact that even using a scant 1/4" in these blocks doesn't assure the block will be 12.5" makes me wonder. I only had the Balkan Puzzle from February come up really short that I had to add a 3/4" border around it for a fix. Some others were slightly 12.5" but made it. I just started the Kaye England class: Re-Piecing from the Past: Civil War Blocks. She says she always uses 1/4" seam & also never irons during block construction - only FINGER PRESSES. This alleviates stretching & distorting of the fabric. She does not pre wash but steam presses fold lines out to get ready for cutting. When block is completed, she steam presses the back first, then a good final steam press to the front. She's a veteran - she says try this method but she knows it will be hard not to run to the iron after every step. Good luck.
Skey answered:
I didn't pre-wash for this one. I decided to try it at least once. I do like the feel of the fabric while working with it when it hasn't been washed. Maybe my scant 1/4" isn't all that scant. Lol. I'll probably add a border, like you did, to make them 12.5". I'm looking forward to finishing the thing. I've finished another 4 blocks. I love looking at everyone else's finished quilts. Should be an adventure!
Candis O asked:
I love your choices, I hope you show the whole quilt when you put on the sash. My favorite the same one you chose, the diamond. Great job...... :)
Skey answered:
Thanks! It may be close to New Years when I finish the thing, but I'll be sure to put up the finished piece. :)
ChristmasEv asked:
Lovely fabric choices.
Skey answered:
gmhnQuilts asked:
LOVE the blue.
Skey answered:
Thanks! Me too. :)
ChristmasEv asked:
I would not stress about the 12 1/2 block size ....but try the best you can. If you try and adjust all your blocks to 12" you might have problems with future blocks....your blocks look really great! You Re doing a beautiful job...talk to your aunt if you need advise and make sure that you are printing all your patterns at 100 percent (make sure that your computer printer is set to print at 100%).
Skey answered:
Wish I could. She's a few states away. Lol. I haven't had to print any yet. I've only done all the blocks that don't require special templates. I have a large variety of template squares that I've been using so far. I'm going to start the ones that require the paper templates as soon as work dies down again in a few weeks.

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