My 1st Thread Art Project!

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Trayvon Martin What advice would you give someone starting this project? Prismacolor pencils, cotton batik fabrics, fusible interfacing and fleece, built in machine embroidery stitches and plastic templates to trace various designs.

What you will need

  • Just relax and go for it! There really are no mistakes. It's art!

Q&A with BeingV

Jennifer Thomas asked:
Very nice. It's interesting to see how your work evolved over the three photos.
BeingV answered:
Thank you so much. I was hoping someone would find the transitional pics useful.
Lynda62 asked:
Wow you really inspire me to try thread art! You are a very talented artist :)
BeingV answered:
Thank you. You should definitely try it, it's very rewarding and relatively easy to do.
sewingfoo asked:
Your work is so inspiring. It is hard to believe this is your first thread art project. I sincerely hope you keep doing this kind of art as you are extremely talented.
BeingV answered:
Thank you very much! The subject matter was certainly a strong motivator for me.
Lola Jenkins asked:
This is so awesome. When I first saw it I could not stop saying wow to myself. This is just excellent thread art piece. Thank you so much for sharing with others this beautiful piece. I hop you continue to use these techniques as a base for your work and continue to add your own special touches and vision to make masterpieces.
BeingV answered:
I am so honored that you even responded! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us When I first saw the class I knew it would be a life changing course. This is the type of "quilting" I have longed to do. Its very freeing and therapeutic... I'm not much for structure in art, I prefer to work freely. I like to use inspiring topics, draw outside the lines, and create things that make people think. This was the perfect way to express my personal feelings regarding my thread arts subject matter. I'm very glad you like where this class has taken me and I have you to thank for the journey. Blessings!
Kirstyn Elaine asked:
I have to second Lola... I can't stop saying wow. It's refreshing to see a piece that has such emotional impact... I too hope you keep going - I can't wait to see what you'll do next! Way to go...
BeingV answered:
Sorry for the delayed response. Thank you very much... I enjoy projects that evoke emotion. The timing and subject matter felt right to me. I'm currently working on a birthday present for a friend who lost her teenage daughter to brain cancer. The photos of children who have passed on inspires me to capture their energy in my pieces.