Created by: bobster

my 1st quilt

You Can Make This

bobster made my 1st quilt with:

  • Moda fabric

Q&A with bobster

Richard Healey asked:
Love the boats. They look great.
bobster answered:
Thanks,I'm thinking of making cushions using another layer of sails.the square in the quilt is 8ins maybe another2sails would take it to 10ins. Trial & error. Eh
Surfside6 asked:
I had to add another comment...could not help myself. "Bits and Bobs?" Hmmmmm Sounds English maybe? Looked you up and it was Wales. Love it. My Dad born in Liverpool and Grand Dad in Wales. Me? USA and a many generational Yankee on my Mom's side. Welcome to the group of quilters.
bobster answered:
I lived&worked in Liverpool back in the 60s.Ive lived in Wales 10yrs now(retired)have only been quilting a short time,but already addicted.