Mug Rug FMQ Practice

Project Description

What was your inspiration? I love feathers. So I want to learn how to stitch them in different ways with different thread colors and fabrics. The mug rug project is a small scale project that allows for experimentation without major damage if the fabric, thread and pattern combinations don't work. Like the first, these have an open space at the top for receiptants to write a verse with a fabric pen.

Q&A with Dena_Living Water Quilter

Deb Cavanaugh asked:
I also love feathers. Your feathers are lovely. They are curvatious on the ends, have a great entry to the spine and that lovely curve on the bottom of the prongs. They are so beautiful in shape. And your projects are lovely also. The colors are so pretty. What a great place to try different feathers.
Dena_Living Water Quilter answered:
Hi Deb, Thanks so much. I really appreciate people taking time to comment. It means so much. Like many, I am juggling so many things and often can only squeeze in some sewing time late at night. Anyway, I am still have a little trouble with the shape of the feathers in the curves. I would love some feedback on that. Thanks!
Pam NZ asked:
What a brilliant idea... a perfect size to help me get over my fear of feathers and put the piece to good use as well! Your feathers are just gorgeous, I can't even decide on a favourite. Thanks for sharing!
Dena_Living Water Quilter answered:
Hi Pam, Yes, I agree it is a good size for practice! It took me a while to over the "feather fear" lol....I think I used a full ream of paper to practice the motion before I tried it with fabric and thread. I still practice on paper before I stitch. I look forward to seeing your feather work!
colordiva asked:
Wow! all of these samples are absolutely beautiful. Practice has made perfect
Dena_Living Water Quilter answered:
Thank you!
Anne F C asked:
These are great! What size do you make your mug rugs? I'd like to make one too.
Dena_Living Water Quilter answered:
Hi, Thank you. The size varies, but most are 8.5" x 12"
Yankee girl asked:
Your work is stunning!
Dena_Living Water Quilter answered:
Thank you. Thanks for taking time to comment. It is encouraging.

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