Ms Mouse

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I love the way the quilt tells a story

What you will need

  • 100% cotton fabric
  • felt
  • ribbon

Q&A with Megan Byrne, Poet's Corner Quilts

desna asked:
Wow! now this is on a different level... this is so so beautiful. I have a little granddaughter too who is only 5 months old. I would love to make her something like this someday but I am still learning... but someday....
Megan Byrne, Poet's Corner Quilts answered:
desna, now is a good time! Its a really easy and fun design. I'm happy to share the design if you can't find the book
Cheri Lynn asked:
MB, your quilt is just wonderful. I imagine that your granddaughter will cherish this quilt for her whole life. Congratulations on a wonderful story.
Megan Byrne, Poet's Corner Quilts answered:
Thanks Cheri Lynn, she' does love it, but has moved on to music and dance so a new quilt is being made though how she will be able to snuggle under it while playing the piano is anyone's guess!