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Monument Valley Sunset

You Can Make This

Cathy Geier made Monument Valley Sunset with:

  • Cotton

Q&A with Cathy Geier

Phenebock asked:
Very nice! Beautiful, you did a wonderful job catching the feeling that area inspires.
Cathy Geier answered:
K Lee 2Strings asked:
Oh, my! This is simply stunning! Gorgeous colors and details. I haven't a clue how you accomplish these works of art.
Cathy Geier answered:
Fabric and graph paper helped, that is for sure!
everlastindaisy asked:
stunning work. Thank you for showing it.
Cathy Geier answered:
Thank you. :)
Brenda Cawlfie asked:
Wow how pretty. The colors are gorgeous.
Cathy Geier answered:
Thank you. :)
brenda_bur549231 asked:
All of your work is simply stunning. I hope some day that could only achieve just part of what you have done. Awsome!
Cathy Geier answered:
That is so sweet. Thank you very much, you made my day. I just finished another landscape in a lot of blues and I'm looking at all the warm colors in this quilt and thinking that I need to make another sunset. Have a good weekend!