Monochromatic pillow

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Even though these are fabrics that I ordinarily wouldn't really be drawn to I totally love how this pillow has turned out! I was worried that a monochromatic scheme might be a bit boring but the fabrics I picked are quite a wide range of orange-yellows and I think this creates enough contast and interest. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Buy several grab bags from Cherrywood fabrics, this will add a load of different colours to your stash that you wouldn't necessarily buy yourself when you go to the fabric store. It can inspire you to try something different. Also, take your time, I think I took at least 2 weeks to design both sides, I let the fabric and partially pieced project hang on my design wall until I knew what I wanted to do next. I also took quite some time deciding how to quilt it.

What you will need

  • Fabric from grabbags from Cherrywood fabrics
  • muslin
  • thin fiberfill batting
  • quilting thread
  • all purpose thread
  • invisible zipper.

Q&A with Emmely

Bonheur asked:
So nice. Great inspiration !
Emmely answered:
Thank you!
Joen Wolfrom asked:
Wonderful!! I love your designs and your great use of both color and value. Congratulations.
Emmely answered:
Thank you, I loved your class because I now feel much more confident when selecting fabrics for projects.
tobyfor asked:
Absolutely wonderful, Emmely. I love how youve varied the scale and arrangement of the rectangular pieces. Im wondering if it was difficult to decide where to place the white strips? Anyway, the result is spectacular.
Emmely answered:
Thank you! It did take me quite some time to arrive at this final lay out. Having a design wall really helped because I could just keep it up there and look at it now and again to see if I really liked what I was doing. The white was definitely the most difficult to get "right" because it has such a huge impact.