Mom's quilt update

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I like the swirls but I tried feathers and that was way beyond my skill level. I spent lots of time drawing them and thought I was ready...NOPE! I should have tried Angela's feathers. Next time. I wasn't sure I wanted to put this picture on but I guess we all have to start somewhere....LOL What advice would you give someone starting this project? Keep practicing and stick with the class lessons! Any lessons coming up for marking a quilt and making "regular" feathers?

Q&A with DeeBooper

johellen asked:
I agree about those nice orange peels! How did you get them to look so nice?
DeeBooper answered:
I used a curved ruler
shorty2go asked:
You did a great job. I really like the colors and design of the quilt. This is beautiful...keep it up
DeeBooper answered:
thank you
Kitts asked:
Wow! I love it. You really did do a great job! Those swirls are out of this world and add such great texture to the quilt! The pattern is really eye catching also! Keep up the good work!
DeeBooper answered:
thank you
Crystalsmom asked:
Great quilt and really nice work. Can you explain if you use a regular sewing machine and a curved ruler. Where do we get the pattern?
DeeBooper answered:
I have a longarm machine and use a special ruler made for it.

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