Modern Quilt with Negative Space

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Being able to look at a photo and translate it to a finished quilt. Start to finish! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Try something outside of your comfort zone. It is usually easier than we think!

What you will need

  • Jacque Gehring's Modern Quilting Book
  • home sewing machine
  • Kona Cotton
  • a few scraps of various scale prints
  • rotary cutting tools

Q&A with Laural Byrd

Pamillia asked:
This is a Beautiful quilt. Well done. I noticed that you do not close your pins when you quilt. Does that work well for you & do you have any pointers about that? Thanks again for sharing.
Laural Byrd answered:
Hi Pamilla, The photo you are looking was taken before I pin them. i place all the pins while it is on the table with the backing taped down. After I remove the tape, and pull lift all three layers, i take the quilt and close all the pins before moving to the sewing machine. I think if you look a the quilt while 'in the machine' you'll notice the pins are closed. I don't really have any pointers except i am very process driven. That helps me do everything in stages. I do think it is easier to place all the pins leaving them open. the pins are MUCH easier to close one the quilt is lifted off the flat hard surface. The only reason you need to close them is so you don't stick yourself with the open pins. They are not going to 'move' when you pick it up even if they are open, so i do think it works better to lay the entire quilt 'loosely' on my lap and close all the pins. The quilt is much more pliable and easy to work with, too.
Pamillia asked:
Thank you so very much for your quick response & that makes perfect sense. Terrific quilt. :-)
Laural Byrd answered:
You are welcome! and thank you! for you gracious compliments on my quilting. I really appreciate it. Are you a quilter? Have any tips for me? A newbie!
TerryChase asked:
I saw all those pins. That was me before I took the course by Ann Peterson on "Quilting large projects on a home machine". The best thing in the whole thing was how to prepare your quilt by spray basting. Now I have a box full of pins that are crying, "don't you love us anymore?" :-)
Laural Byrd answered:
Hah! That's so funny. I love that part of the process. I am so tactile that..and it makes for a great photo! I will tell you that I did try the spray basting on a couple mini quilts I am working on. Just too hard to quilt around those pins. I can see my box full of pins crying the same!!