mindful Psychology Part 2

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am most proud of her lips on this one and the shading on the green tree...i am loving the colors! What advice would you give someone starting this project? PLAY PLAY PLAY! Trust yourself ....give yourself a day to experiment ...

What you will need

  • I used cotton material
  • heavy weight fusible stabilizer
  • quilt batting
  • thread and pencil crayons and a spark of childish fun and pride!

Q&A with Newt1999

CFin asked:
I love this one, very interesting how we all go in different directions with the same instructions. That is why I love to take technique classes and do my own thing.
Newt1999 answered:
I couldn't agree more! I am the same as you that I am not fond of taking classes where you all make the same project! Thanks for the feedback!
Artmomma asked:
I really like the way you are exploring your theme of good and evil or is it "in a good place" and hurt? Whatever words are used - your visual designs are great. I just love a good series! I always learn so much when I do one.
Newt1999 answered:
Thanks so much...and the theme is the mind set when you are in a dark place then move into a good place!
This is a work of art......really beautifull!!!
Newt1999 answered:
That is very kind of you ...thanks
patz in suffolk asked:
You can look and look at this for ages, and still see something new! The words written in the background of the two sides are intriguing and the colours are beautiful. An excellent project and I await your next one with great interest! Patricia.
Newt1999 answered:
How nice of you to comment and it thrills me when people say that they see something new each time! happy creating!
CFin asked:
Where can I find your work on Etsy
Newt1999 answered:
I am looking into an Etsy account as we speak! I can let you know when I have my account set up if you like? :)

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