Menagerie Pillows with Prairie Points

What you will need

  • I used leftover fabric from my Menagerie Quilt
  • posted on the Quilting Quickly class
  • to make pillows to go in my grandson's room. I edged several of them with prairie points
  • and they turned out really cute.

Q&A with Jill Owens

Steph in Aus asked:
Cute! I love the prairie points on the pillows. I might try this! :)
Jill Owens answered:
Thanks, Steph! In her class, Mimi gives amazing directions for making a whole strip of prairie points. The only difference is that I did not subtract 1/2" from the pillow measurements to calculate the length of the strips. And, since the pillows were small, I scaled these down to 2" points instead of 3" like she describes in her class. (This was easier anyway, since the pillow dimensions were divisible by 2, but not by 3.) For 2" points, the fabric strip you start with will be 4" wide.