What you will need

  • cotton

Q&A with LaVerne57

NanaJeanFL asked:
More stars! Love how you're using them in both of these. Well done!
LaVerne57 answered:
Thanks Newbie Jean!
sistertammie asked:
yours is nice, I tried to get mine like yours. Mine was wonky, but not like I wanted it to be. I had a problem with not going straight.....
LaVerne57 answered:
Thank you. I just kept trimming it wonky with every strip I added , Hoping it would work.
swimteach36742 asked:
Very nice! I love the patriotic theme. I used the same sunflower and gingham fabric in my January block. I also like the many diagonal cuts you made.
LaVerne57 answered:
Thank you. I will have to check yours out. Love sunflowers.

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