Mauve Sampler

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What are you most proud of? It is starting to look better. Stitches are more even.

Q&A with Ladymax

Andi Perejda asked:
Wow! you are going to town! I'm so happy to have such an enthusiastic student! This is a beautiful design. Did you create it yourself? Now, let's talk about your fabric, batting and thread choices, if you like. What are you using on this piece?
Ladymax answered:
For this project I used Kona white, wool batting and #8 Perle thread. I am using a needle that is 3" long that I use for Sashiko. This is a needle that I have been able to hold onto and move to do the stitches. My hands do not move very well. I was so determined to be able to do hand quilting that I suppose I have broken some of the rules to be able to do so. I spent a small fortune on every needle that I could find until I ordered these Japanese needles. I am still determined to do a whole cloth quilt and have been to several quilt shows to find one so that I can see up close what they look like. So far everything I find is done by machine. I will continue looking.
NanaJeanFL asked:
Gorgeous Ladymax - keep go go going! I'm getting started now. You're such an encouragement :D
Ladymax answered:
Many thanks, I am waiting to see your first sample. Go girl...
Stitcherlee asked:
Oh wow, that is beautiful
Ladymax answered:
Thank you ever so much.
NanaJeanFL asked:
I keep coming back to this Ladymax. Its so lovely, so feminine, so romantic. Where did you get the pattern? Is this one of your own designs? I wouldn't be surprised. You're so talented and everything you do is so wonderful :D
Ladymax answered:
Thank you for the kind remarks. This is a pattern that I found when clearing out my mother's house when we sold it. It was one of the designs that she used many years ago for something that she called Irish quilting. Some type of cord was inserted between the lines of stitching.
Jules0307 asked:
Beautiful...I can only hope mine get anywhere near this good in time. I also have a hard time finding needles that are long enough, yet thin enough to appliqu and hand quilt with (man hands!). Where do you get yours?
Ladymax answered:
Jules, you seem to have a similar problem to me. I have arthritis and need longer needles. I use milliner's needles (sometimes called straw needles) also, sashimi needles if you can find them thin enough. I am in Canada, so for the most part I use the internet and every shop I go into I look at needles. Good luck, and thanks for your kind remarks.

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