Created by: Gail Kleidon

Matreshka celebrates Winter Olympics2014

You Can Make This

Gail Kleidon made Matreshka celebrates Winter Olympics2014 with:

  • 100% cotton fabrics
  • hand appliqued and embroidered
  • machine quilted.

Q&A with Gail Kleidon

ElenaZ asked:
looks very nice :-) i only wonder why americans call this doll babushka? It is Matreshka, and usualy this dolls have red cheecks and pretty dresses like young girls, and babushka is grandmother in russian.
Gail Kleidon answered:
Yes, I'm confused too, maybe because I'm Australian. I thought a babushka was the triangular-shaped head scarf I wore when I was a teenager. I've also seen this doll called a matryoshka, but thank you, Elena for your information.