March Block cross between A & B options

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? A couple of my points are off - but that's what you get for talking laughing and pruning at the same time. I could have made some new triangles but as it is a sampler and only for me I am going to leave it as is as a reminder to concentrate and not work when friends are in the room LOL

What you will need

  • Prima 100% Homespun cotton

Q&A with ole chook

MamaThadeus asked:
Beautiful - like stained glass.
ole chook answered:
:O) thankyou
Bluerosey asked:
Lovely 3-D effect.
ole chook answered:
LOL purely accidental, but was a blast to see it when the block was done
lrmyr18 asked:
I like the solid color choices!
ole chook answered:
:O) thankyou
Wens asked:
ole chook answered:
:O) Thankyou

Skill Level