Making waves

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I cut it up and sewed it together differently. That took courage on my part! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Some stitches are not really suitable for circular stitching so be careful which stitches you choose. Practice first.

What you will need

  • Embroidery thread and cotton fabric
  • Bernina circular tool

Q&A with Quiltingrosebud

Carol Ann Waugh asked:
Love it! Especially your nerve in cutting it up and repositioning the squares. Kind of like a Drunkard's Path quilt. I can see more courage in your future. Remember, you can't make a mistake!
Quiltingrosebud answered:
Perhaps, but I have discovered the machine can make mistakes!!!!
Lesley Wood asked:
Did you make 4 circles? I think it's really good. I have a circular tool for my Janome but have only used it once without much success. Think I might try this I love it x
Quiltingrosebud answered:
I cut fat quarter in four, made circles on each, then cut each in four, then sewed them together in this pattern. So, yes, I made 4 sets of circles.
TerriLaycock asked:
This is really lovely and has a peacefulness about it that appeals to me. Did you add your hand embroidery before or after cutting it up?
Quiltingrosebud answered:
There is no hand embroidery, it is all done by machine.
bjlinks asked:
start. I really like your piece. Did you use a striped fabric for background or did you quilt it with straight lines first and then add the decorative stitching ? stop
Quiltingrosebud answered:
Yes, the fabric is striped. Not the best background choice. These things happen when you deign on the fly!! Lesson kearned!