Magic Squares

Project Description

What are you most proud of? While not perfect, the points are the closest I've come to getting them exact - maybe on the next quilt. What advice would you give someone starting this project? I didn't assemble the small blocks into larger blocks, instead, I assembled them along the diagonal when I pieced the quilt top. However, I did quilt in the hoop on the horizontal/vertical which allowed me to quilt the edge triangles as part of the overall quilting rather than do something separately with them. There are a lot of places where precision is required - in first piecing the strips together, then cutting them into 8 1/2" squares, again when you sew the squares together and cut them again, and finally when you assemble the resulting 5 1/2" squares! So perfect points is not going to happen throughout the quilt - you will have to do some fudging.

What you will need

  • Leftover strips from three sets of Bali Pops: Mulberry
  • Strawberry Fields
  • and Watermelon.

Q&A with jmn111

Design by Deb asked:
I love the blocks. Where did you find a pattern for this? I look at the Missouri Quilt Co. tutorials online but the 2 Magic Square quilt blocks that they showed were different than what you created. I love yours.
jmn111 answered:
I got my idea from watching the same videos you did from Missouri Quilt Co, I had ~ 40 strips leftover from three sets of Bali Pops and the colours seemed to work with one another so I sewed them together in groups of four, cut the panels into blocks, placed blocks right sides together with the strips at 90* to one another, then cut the stitched blocks along the diagonals. Then, rather than creating blocks from four of these smaller blocks, I assembled them in rows along the diagonal of the quilt which gives the "points" on the outside edge. Filled in with triangles from my backing fabric. I'm currently piecing a second quilt using this same technique, but this time I'm creating blocks from four of the small blocs and assembling those in a 4 X 6 array - also I'm using a set of coordinated fabrics all within a single colour tone. Pictures soon!