Machine Quilting The Basics and Beyond

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The machine quilting What advice would you give someone starting this project? Take it slow, understand that practice is how you improve

What you will need

  • Cotton fabric
  • cotton batting
  • Polyester thread
  • cotton thread
  • silk thread

Q&A with Ann Petersen

Kaydebee asked:
This is wonderful. I need to practice like you do!
Ann Petersen answered:
Yes, practice is the answer, but have fun doing it
SusieDarlin asked:
Ann Petersen answered:
Thank you!
bkthomas56 asked:
Hi Ann! Are these two different samples or 2 pictures of the same quilt? I am so glad I signed up for your course but it may be a while before I have anything to show! Free motion is Greek to me so I will have to practice a lot! I am very excited about learning this though. I just recently obtained a set of quilting feet for my machine and so far had only used the 1/4" foot - then my grandson kept asking about the walking foot (he's 7 and loves to change the snap-on feet on my machine) so I showed him how to put it on and that got me goin'. Made a quilt sandwich out of an old cut up sheet and I got sooo excited when that crummy old stained hunk of fabric came out looking so great!!! You would have thought it was made of gold! Well sorry about writing you a book - Will post pics when I have something to show!
Ann Petersen answered:
Yay! I love to hear stories like this! These are 2 pics of the same quilt. One was posted before the class went live in the main projects and the other in the class projects so now there are 2! Looking forward to pics!
bkthomas56 asked:
Oh yes - my 1st name is Kathy, nice to meet you!
Ann Petersen answered:
queentroll1955 asked:
love it
Ann Petersen answered: