Macaron Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? My first attempt at a scalloped border. I really wanted small scallops for this quilt- approx 3'' each.

What you will need

  • My inspiration for this quilt came from the Japanese fabric printed with Macarons and other French pastries.

Q&A with Emafish

simon.10144586 asked:
this this is really cute
Emafish answered:
Thanks, simon!
Darns asked:
You did great on that scalloped border! And, YUM! French pastries!
Emafish answered:
Thanks, Darns! I believe this is the most delicious quilt I've ever made :)
Bwabie asked:
Very nice! Great scallops!
Emafish answered:
Thanks, Bwabie!
brentsww1216614 asked:
Great job!
Emafish answered:
PamelafromOz asked:
Love this quilt, not until you see it on the chair do you realise how small it is and how fiddly the scallops must have been. Looks great, well done on the binding and the quilt.
Emafish answered:
Thanks Pamela! Yes it was very fiddly! Next time I will try to cut a continuous bias strip instead of piecing together smaller ones - the seams had a habit of landing in just the wrong place.