Low Volume Tiles Quilt Finished!

Q&A with a1angiem

QuiltDude asked:
I love it love it love it. This turned out great. The quilting goes oh, so nicely with the top, just wonderful in every aspect, Ms. A.
a1angiem answered:
Thank you, Dude! I thought of you as I stitched that binding as neatly as I could - even if I was too chicken to try 113 again! ;)
abanabana asked:
It is an absolutely stunning, perfectly finished, master piece of a quilt!I Warm congratulations from Bots!
a1angiem answered:
awww, thank you! :)
tammy.els825082 asked:
I really like the color choice!!
a1angiem answered:
thanks! it looks great in my room. :)
Projectpam asked:
This is beautiful! Love the colors! Did you use a bias binder foot for the binding?
a1angiem answered:
Thanks again, Projectpam. I did not use a bias binder foot for the binding...I don't actually even know what that is! ha!ha! I used a straight stitch and the stitch in the ditch foot to sew it on.

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