Lone Star 2014 B Wabie

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Learning how to section off the quilt so I could confidently quilt on my home machine!

Q&A with Bwabie

barbhend1476184 asked:
Wow! I love this! And I love the colors!
Bwabie answered:
Thank you! If you look at the boarder you will notice that the it is one fabric that had 2.5 strips as the design so I didn't have to pick each colour! I pieced this quilt in a one day workshop
PattyP248 asked:
I love your colors.
Bwabie answered:
Thank you! My usual colour choices tend to be very bright compared to this selection. :-)
HomekeepingGran asked:
Gorgeous. You did an excellent job with this lovely quilt.
Bwabie answered:
Thanks very much!