Lisa's Doodle

Project Description

What are you most proud of? This is the first time I've made something for anyone outside my family and I really enjoyed the collaboration; working together with my friend was very interesting, as I tried to respond positively to all her ideas, although she said I should always have the final say as it was my work. I'm also pleased with the way I responded to the challenge of the colours, which I was actually quite concerned about at the beginning but I ended up really enjoying. The fact that now this hanging has pride of place in my friend's house makes me very happy. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Just go for it and don't be afraid to move out of your comfort zone, whether it be colours or techniques. You might surprise yourself!

What you will need

  • I used fabrics from my own stash and also some provided by my friend which had memories for her - eg children's baby clothes
  • a favourite sweater
  • a friend's top
  • husband's trousers. These were embellished in random stripes along with felt to make a background
  • which was overlaid with yarn
  • string
  • raffia
  • sweet papers and then the final yarn doodle pattern. I also used a heat gun and soldering iron on some layered fabrics to give a bit of texture and then cut it into smaller shapes
  • which were laid on top with applique. I used a bit of free motion embroidery but it was mainly free hand embroidery
  • using very simple stitches following Carol's ideas
  • straight stitches and simple lines
  • flowers
  • etc. I then went a bit mad with beads!

Q&A with hippyastrum

lindabrau32 asked:
Wow! I think this is absolutely gorgeous! I'm just starting my first project, but I truly hope to mature to that creative level. Great job!
hippyastrum answered:
Thank you for your kind comment about my hanging - it took me a long time but I was really pleased with it. I hope you enjoy your first project and I'm glad to have given you some inspiration.
Echidna asked:
Just beautiful.
hippyastrum answered:
Thank you for commenting on my work - I have only put a couple of things on here before and it's still amazing when people say they like it. Thanks again.
Carol Ann Waugh asked:
Your pieces is AMAZING! I love everything about it. Thanks for sharing because you have inspired ME as well as everyone else in our class. WOW!
hippyastrum answered:
Wow, Carol (or should I say Carol Ann?) - I am honoured indeed by your comment. It means so much to me that you like it and I am so pleased to inspire you and others with my work. I have only shared a few pieces before and so it still amazes me when people on the other side of the world say they like them! Thanks again.
AnnJones asked:
I'm speechless. You piece is so rich and full of texture. Love it!!!
hippyastrum answered:
Thank you so much. I think it was because I was working out of my comfort zone with such a muted range of colours that I could focus much more on texture. I did learn a lot doing it.