Lemoyne Star Coasters & Placemats

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't try new products when you've got a tight deadline!!! Tried a new basting spray... OMG what a mess I got in, not to mention how many times I had to clean the needle. Ended up soaking in Napisan over night and that got rid of the worst of the gunk. Helmar certainly smelt better but that was the only good thing about it! Needless to say I returned the can and wont be using that brand again.

What you will need

  • Cotton fabric and same batting as per instructions for trivet

Q&A with Pam NZ

Darns asked:
I absolutely love the purple! And your quilting really suits this pattern. Can you get 505 in NZ? It works really good for me.
Pam NZ answered:
Thanks Darns, I really love it too... the floral has a wee bit of gold outlining of the flowers, doesn't show in the photo but really makes it. Was really pleased with the stars... some times less is more eh? Have heard 505 is good but not found it here... might ask around some of our internet shops. I can get the Birch one, but it's pretty smelly. Another thing about the Helmar one is the spray is freezing cold... read of a couple of peeps getting freezer burn on their fingers! Can totally understand how they did it too
mimix10 asked:
Very pretty! Makes me want to buy a new, updated machine!
Pam NZ answered:
Thanks, and me too! I am using a friends 20 year old Bernina, just straight stitching, no fancy stitching but must admit it does handle thread and tension changes like a dream... unlike my dear old Pfaff.
patz in suffolk asked:
These are lovely and your FMQ is brilliant! We have 505 spray here in the UK and I've not touched a safety pin since I discovered it. Try the internet, Pam, you might find some in NZ with a bit of luck - it;ll be well worth it as I;ve not a bad word to say for it after using it several times on quite large projects as well as small ones! Good luck!
Pam NZ answered:
Thanks... stitch length consistency not my best effort on these but I put that down to stress ;-) I have tracked some 505 down here, unfortunately it's at the other end of the country but at least it is available! Great hearing more positive things about 505, especially when my confidence has taken such a hit over the other brand. 505 here I come!
Kati R asked:
They look great, Pam! Bet your friend will like them! :)
Pam NZ answered:
Thank you... hopefully they arrive in the post today or tomorrow.
Pamillia asked:
Pam, these are beautiful. Really like the fabrics & colors you chose. I also like the sashing you added on the place mats. But, I think the way that you quilted them is what makes them spectacular. As far as spray basting, I have always used Sullivans. The smell isn't that bad & it really works for me. I have tried others, but always go back to Sullivans. Do you use a pattern for your quilting or do you just wing it? If you use a pattern, how do you apply it to your piece? Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work.
Pam NZ answered:
Thanks Pamillia, can't find Sullivans here... so far but that's not to say it isn't here. No pattern for quilting, bit of unpicking occasionally when I muck up the stippling but otherwise just wander where the needle takes me. Straight lines are all based on the walking foot edge... change the needle position and Bobs your uncle. Really must get on with my FMQ class and learn something other than stippling... really MUST!