Project Description

What was your inspiration? A large box of scraps that needed to be used. This quilt used a small portion of that box. The paper foundation that I used were old computer green bar sheets that were going to be tossed. I had to grab the box of paper and bring it home. I knew it would come in handy!

Q&A with Scrappyendings

Marilyn josephi asked:
Love it
Scrappyendings answered:
Thanks. It was fun to use only fabric scraps.
ndlz1 asked:
Very nice! I don't think anyone could be depressed when looking at this quilt.
Scrappyendings answered:
That's so true!
kerryfulf9749298 asked:
My kind of quilt! Love it!!
Scrappyendings answered:
Thank you so much. Don't you just love the process of using those scraps up!
Trujacha asked:
This is fabulous!
Scrappyendings answered:
Thank you.

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