Project Description

What are you most proud of? Bringing everthing from the back forward to show three dimensional. Trying some of my thread painting with the grass for the first time. Fussy-cutting and bringing it all together. I'm new at this also.

What you will need

  • fabric
  • thread
  • batting

Q&A with Wendy Lee

stichwishes asked:
Love it.
Wendy Lee answered:
katbug3 asked:
WOW, beautiful!
Wendy Lee answered:
thank you!!
Debra J. asked:
Is there a pattern for this? I am extremely interested in learning this technique. The project is absolutely beautiful.
Wendy Lee answered:
Thank you, no I don't have patterns. I take my camera sometimes with me and look for a picture of something I might want to quilt. Most times I just think of what I want to have a picture of come alive with fabric.
dvbren25405780 asked:
I've been wanting to try this technique for a while now, how long did it take you to make?
Wendy Lee answered:
I get a picture or a vision of what I wnat to make and pull out all the fabrics I might use. Sometimes, I don't end up using them all or pull out a different one. I can make this in 3-4 days depending on the interruptions I get, lol Just look at depth and work from the rear to forward