Lana's Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? How well it all came together with the colors. What advice would you give someone starting this project? You can arrange your patchwork squares in any design you seem fit - I usually place it on a graph paper first - using a pencil, then if I don't like something I can erase and rearrage - then once I like the design, I can cut the fabrics.

What you will need

  • Cotton materials for pieced top
  • fleece for the back
  • batting
  • thread
  • sewing supplies & tools. Oh yes
  • a couple of little flowers/with ribbons for the middle.

Q&A with Deena

jeri doucette asked:
you make beautful quilts. i am a beginner. would appreciat any help you may have..thanks..have a blessed day......jeri
Deena answered:
dtomah260119 asked:
Thank you for sharing..I have been trying to do this pattern on my own..I sort of new to quilting..it makes for a great pasttime and stress releaver for me..
Deena answered:
it's really simple ..get a piece of graph paper and make squares - how ever many you want across and down - then make a design ---use a pencil so you can chane it if it's not quite right - then onec you have the design - cut your squares and number the rows then sew the aquares together , then sew the rows together...add a bordr (or two ) however large you want the quilt to be..then sandwich it between the back and batting and quilt...then either add a binding or flip the excess from the back over and sew it down to make the final border/binding...and it's done! Have fun!!