Created by: bkthomas56

Ladybug Baby Quilt

You Can Make This

bkthomas56 made Ladybug Baby Quilt with:

  • 100% cotton
  • polyester batting
  • red satin bows w/pearls

Q&A with bkthomas56

PennyMeller asked:
Very pretty! Nice job.
bkthomas56 answered:
Thanks! Just a little something I threw together in a hurry for my little sisters' 2nd grand-child that is on the way! I had to hurry because her and her husband are being transferred to Hawaii the 1st part of May and I wanted to get it to her so she could give it to her son and daughter-in-law before she left...AND she had to put in a change of address already!
mpac5000 asked:
bk, your quilt is so pretty. So delicate and feminine.
bkthomas56 answered:
Thanks so much!
Pamillia asked:
What a wonderful little quilt. Thank you for sharing.
bkthomas56 answered:
Thanks, glad you like it!

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