Lady with Pearl Earring

What you will need

  • Cotton
  • cotton batting
  • polyester thread
  • prisma colour pencils
  • textile medium

Q&A with Elsje

Lola Jenkins asked:
You did an wonderful job. the coloring and the background are both handled with precision. No one would believe that this is your first art quilt. You out did yourself.
Elsje answered:
Thank you, Lola, for your kind words! You are a wonderful teacher! Enjoyed your classes so much!
Creativewan asked:
Wonderful job!
Elsje answered:
Thank you for your kind words!
MamaGwenMT.V.NY asked:
You should be very proud. She is beautiful . Your quilting is great.
Elsje answered:
Thank you very much! I am so glad I took this course and learned this technique.