June BOM

Project Description

What are you most proud of? attempting to make this block!

Q&A with a1angiem

QuiltDude asked:
Oh, Angie. You are too hard on yourself. Your block looks great, and believe me, nobody is going to notice your points are 1/100 of a millimeter off. And yes, you can quilt out those little, tiny, barely there ripples. Ask me how I know! Someone once told me, "Just wash the quilt and all the crap stitches will disappear." Hmmm, sound familiar???? LOL LOL Really nice block, Angie.
a1angiem answered:
bahahahah! Hey, that DOES sound familiar! Wise, very wise...So I asked the question in the class though...my block is too big but if I trim it to the right size I'll cut off the points (I ain't makin' that block again!) so what do I do? too big with points or too small without points??

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