July Tumbling Blocks

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Sticking with this until the end. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Keep checking your measurements. Making a cardboard template of the block provides a quick way to check.

Q&A with MamaThadeus

Kathi2 asked:
Wow! This block is so gorgeous. The fabrics are stunning and your piecing is very well done.
MamaThadeus answered:
Thank you. The tops of my green boxes didn't line up but with so many seams to match, I thought that was good enough. So, I am really grateful you complimented my piecing.
Tx Star asked:
Wow! THAT is creative! How do you do that technique? That is a great look!
MamaThadeus answered:
I googled "hollow blocks" and found a youtube video and a blog by the same person. Her directions are easy to follow. Just she makes it look easier than I found it - so many seams to match!
Siodach asked:
I'm loving seeing the different interpretations of these hollow blocks - the peacock is a touch of whimsy :-). I could imaging a set of blocks with a different animal in each as a kids zoo! Well done! K8
MamaThadeus answered:
When I saw your block, I knew I just had to try it. Thank you for the inspiration. I think your idea of the animals is a good one but adding fussy cuts to the process might send me over the edge!
KrissBJoyful asked:
Incredible & amazing block! Love the fabric, love the piecing, love the black background!
MamaThadeus answered:
Thank you. I am so glad I went with a black background. That was inspired by the Pennsylvania Dutch quilts which typically use beautiful jewel tones on a black background. Recently, I visited "Dutch Country" and found the peacock fabric. I think I have to change my block layout now to put this one in the center. It needs a place of honor.
swtsummer818586 asked:
how did you make them look like this I like this block I have seen the tumbling block made before but this looks like you are looking into the block
MamaThadeus answered:
There's a youtube video on hollow blocks. She takes you through the whole process, including where to place your light, dark, and medium fabric so it looks like light is shining into them.

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