July BOMs

Project Description

What are you most proud of? using the circular embroidery attachment to stitch around the center circles...several times....creating "lace" What advice would you give someone starting this project? Accurate cutting and true 1/4" seams (not scant this time) are a must. I used fusible mesh stabilizer instead of the second background square to back the Dresden plate to reduce bulk. A point turner run around the circle's seam makes smooth edges. The circular embroidery attachment (Bernina #83, but other machines may have one) made quick, perfect work of the circles (thank you, Connie of HH!!!)

Q&A with Pam Sews

ConnieofHH asked:
The decorative stitching really adds to the blocks! Love the center of the traditional Dresden plate - it looks like a rose center! Beautiful! Anytime we can find another use for our gadgets I share! Thanks for the recognition.
Pam Sews answered:
thank YOU!!! ;-D
Surfside6 asked:
These are absolutely gorgeous. What a wonderful block idea
Pam Sews answered:
These were a lot more fun to make with tips from friends and the Comments section; I never would have attempted making the "lace" without the circular attachment. Thanks, I'm glad you like them!
AlyxRansom asked:
Ooh -- these really pop! Seriously -- have you done a 3D thing with the centers?
Pam Sews answered:
no, just fussy-cut my beautiful print fabric. It does kind of look like 3D in the photos, though. I think I'm going to have to redo some of my earlier blocks now... I like the later ones so much better!
sylfel asked:
Beautiful blocks!
Pam Sews answered:
LinRupp asked:
wonderful fussy cut
Pam Sews answered:
thanks! I only had 2 roses left from my wonderful fabric... the first one was the 4" circle and not big enough for my traditional Dresden Plate, so I was more careful with the second one. I never could get the blades to leave a small enough hole... sigh.

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